NCAA 2022 National Champion

This year has enabled me to realize a couple of my childhood dreams. The Olympics was an experience that I was able to completely enjoy and really live in the moment. There were nerves but was so fun. Then there was being able to perform to my very best for my team at NCAA championships. This was one where I really wanted to perform for my team. It was one that I wanted to realize before graduating. And one i am still excited to say I achieved. It is incredible to be able to say that I am now a 2 time 1st Team All American. Placing 2nd in Giant Slalom and winning that incredible NCAA national championship title in Slalom.

To watch the full replay click: Slalom Replay Giant Slalom Replay

NCAA Championships SL – Run 2 (1st)
NCAA Championships SL – Run 1 (1st)
NCAA Championships GS – Run 2 (2nd)
NCAA Championships GS – Run 1(4th)
On the podium!

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