Whiteface NorAm Fun

Coming back from the Olympics it was good to be able to come back to the US, pick up some quality training and push out of the start gate at a couple NorAms. Heading back to Whiteface brought back memories. The weather and snow was perfect, my lack of having status and a position on the start list presented a challenge.

On Day 1, we started with Giant Slalom. The results can be seen in the link above. It was great to put two good runs together. I was able to move up from 32 to first. On the second day we started Slalom. I again had a good first run. Starting from 32 I moved up to within striking distance. On the second run I got a bit to anxious dove into a gate early and straddled. But the skiing both days was great and I’ll get another chance a the end of the season at NorAm finals.

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