1st NorAm Podium Result

Back Racing in the USA!

After over a month of skiing and racing in Europe, it was great to get the opportunity to return home.  It’s hard to believe that we are now in the home stretch of the 2017-2018 season.  After a week at home to re-adjust to US time, refresh with easy workouts, and reconnect at school, it was time to head to Whiteface, NY for the next NorAm Series.

One of the goals I set with my coaches this season was to challenge for NorAm podiums.  Earlier in the season I landed on my first Junior Podium.  Then had a stretch of solid top 10s.  But I had yet to really challenge in a race for a Podium position.  It was time for me to put 2 solid runs together and what better place then in NY?

Well that is exactly what happened. On the last day of the NorAm series, I pushed out of the SL start and was able to hang on and put 2 together to wind up with my first NorAm podium.  A 2nd place result that I will never forget.  It feels great as we head into NorAm finals to recognize that I have the speed needed to challenge for the top of the podium and cannot wait to get another opportunity to try.

Maddie Kt

It was also great during this race series to reconnect with familiar faces and friends.  Especially, my Rowmark coach Jim Tshabrun and teammate Maddie Hoffman.  Next stop is back to Copper Mountain in Colorado for a NorAm Speed Series.  It will be fun to put the long boards on for SG and Alpine Combined!

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