Europe 2018

First Trip to Europe

During January 2018, I spent an incredible month in Europe.  My first for training and ski racing.  Here is a quick look at the places and events of a trip I don’t ever want to forget.

January 1-6 Pozza Di Fassa, Italy
January 7-9 Flachau, Austria (World Cup SL Start #2)
January 30-February 8 Davos, Switzerland (World Juniors)

First stop italyJanuary 1 – 6 Pozza Di Fassa, Italy

Italy Hotel


I stayed at Hotel Dolomiti in Pozza Di Fassa.  The hotel has been in the same family for 4 generations.  Here is a quick quote from the website.


We, the 4th generation Detomas are hoteliers at heart and not business entrepreneurs. We consider ourselves a family that understands the needs of all of those who want to spend an enjoyable holiday with friends, in total safety, pampered, and serene at the same time, just like amongst family.

Here are a few pictures of the village – Looks like they live a life in a place that will “Bei Uns Immer Jung”. (Always keep them young)

We had 5 days of training.  Everyone agreed it was the best training available in the region.  Here are a few pictures and a couple videos from training – I really improved my GS during this training block.


The Food was Incredible – Here is a look at my dinner favorite!

Food Italy

( Arugala, Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza)



January 7-9 Flachau, Austria  World Cup Start #2

My coach Charlie and I headed out from Italy to Flachau, Austria on January 7th.  Flachau is an incredible night SL in Europe. I was excited to get to start my first race in Europe here.

I was excited, but also nervous, Flachau is to Europe what Killington is to the US. The crowds were incredible and there is just a different feel and rhythm to this race.  I was fortunate to have my teammate, Mikaela who is one of the best skiers of all time there to show me the ropes.  She ended up winning the race by almost a second 🙂

Flachau Katie Mikaela

We woke up on the 9th to rain in Flachau that fell throughout the morning and afternoon but let up in time for the race.  I started bib 64 and was so excited to cross the finish line this time.  It was great to get a finish and a perfect way to kick off my racing in Europe.

Here are a couple photos and a video of my race run.

Flachau SL 2018 Katie - Attibuted

Word Juniors Davos

January 30-February 8 Davos, Switzerland FIS Alpine World Juniors

Well, I made the team!  The US World Juniors Team. This time I would get to represent my country at the most prestigious event for Junior Alpine Ski Racers in the world.  I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew I was going to give it everything I had.

After a month of non-stop racing in Europe, it was great to take a break the week before the big event and get some training in.  SL especially felt great that week and I knew I was fast and could be competitive.

Davos by far was the most beautiful place I got to visit in Europe.  The 360 degrees of breathtaking mountains were just unbelievable.  I am so fortunate that I got the opportunity to ski there.

Our team, had set several goals for ourselves, to achieve top 10 results, and to end up top 5 for the team competition.  We achieved both ending up with a Top 10 result in every race and a 4th place for the team competition.  It was a great feeling to be able to contribute to the team achieving its goals.

DCD7420B-8168-4579-BFD9-028953805E8CBack: Katie Hensien, Keely Cashman, Abi Jewett, AJ Hurt
Middle: Nina O’Brien, Abigale Murher
Front: Bella Wright, Patricia Mangan

I ended up 4th in the SL.  It felt really good to lay down 2 fast runs.  My second run was 3rd fastest overall!  The weather that day was perfect.  The hill and snow conditions were perfect.  It was one of those days where everything came together.  I started Bib 22 and after a fast first run found myself in 7th.  Pushing out of the start on my second run I just knew I was going to be fast.  Landing in 4th was a great feeling, especially knowing I skied against the best junior skiers in the world 1997-2001 birth year.


Here are a few pictures from that day.

You will notice in the pictures that I have tape on my helmet that says G. Hensien.  This race is dedicated to my Grandpa, Gil Hensien, who passed away while I was in Europe.  I know he was there with me that day and definitely inspired me to ski my best.

My Second Run Video

Now it’s back to the good ole U.S.A to take care of finishing out my Senior Year of High School and final NorAm and US National Championships!


2 Replies to “Europe 2018”

  1. AMAZING- Love this! Great training, great food, great scenery, great experience. Soak it up – Living the dream. 😉 Go get ‘um.

  2. Great updates on school activities, competitive skiing highlights and your entrepreneurial vision.
    To quote William Faulkner…
    “Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”

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