Points in Pano

The 2017 NorAm season kicked off for me in Panorama, Canada.  It turned out to be quite an unexpected adventure.


Starting with my flight in.  Examine the picture above.  Tell me is anything important missing?  Yeah – my first solo international trip resulted in dealing with skis that didn’t make my flight.


Luckily, Shamus with Delta Airlines helped me out – skis arrived 8 hours later. Most importantly, in time for me to race the next day.


The series began with speed, which for me meant literally clicking into my SG skis at the start of the 1st race for the first time this season.  What a ride it turned out to be.  I took 3 runs on the long boards and finished my first AC.

Panorama is beautiful, nestled into a valley between incredible mountains.  The polar air makes racing there absolutely frigid.  The snow was fast and fun.  At the end of my 10 days there I had frostbite on my fingers, got back in the groove of racing, and earned my first NorAm points.  A great series and I’m off to a fast start of the 2016-2017 season.

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