Birthday Podium

file-1-2Wow, that feels good!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my 17th birthday, then to start my season with a U19 Podium result.

If you have skied at the FIS level,   you know exactly what I mean…  Last year, as a first year FIS racer, I spent my season battling from the back.   Pushing hard every race to make the flip.  104, 65, 87…  Those were my bib numbers.

With that season under my belt and a great off season spent on my bike and in the gym, I felt more ready to get things kicked off than ever before.

It’s a good thing because this is the earliest I have every kicked out of the start gate.  Boy did it feel right.  I skied well.  Getting the chance to step back up on the podium, especially in GS, is something I worked hard for all summer long.


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