Back to the NCAA – RMISA Invitational & Utah Invitational

After spending the majority of my winter in Europe I was able to make the journey back to the US to support the Pios in 3 University Events in January. Montana State, RMISA invitational and the Utah invitational. It felt great as a senior to be able to help my team during the regular season. It was great that I was able to put some of my best skiing out there.

Over the course of a week of racing, I was able to land on the Podium 4 times winning 2 GS races and coming in second in 2 SL. Seppi Steigler posted the runs from one of my GS victories.

With these results, I qualified for NCAA Championships in February. I also was awarded NCAA Skier of the meet and the University of Denver named me Student-Athlete of the month.

Racing at home was incredible and having family and friends there cheering me on was incredible. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the season has in store.

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