Nakiska Sweep!

The NorAm circut is the continental cop race series in North America. It is the highest level of competitive racing you can participate in before making the world cup. Heading to Nakiska as my last race series before the new year was a great chance for me to test my speed and skills in GS and SL against the best skiers in North America.

I hadn’t ever been to Nakiska for a race before so just getting the opportunity to ski in a new place was challenging and exciting. I also have been training and skiing well in both SL and GS and was eager to see how I was progressing before heading into the main part of ski season.

2nd Run, Second SL Race at Nakiska.

Our first race was GS the first of our season. And it didn’t dissapoint. I skied well and ended up on the Junior Podium. My first for GS and with a 5th place finish earned my best result in a NorAM GS to date. I was dissapointed that our second GS race had to be canceled but know i will had additional chances in early January.

As we moved into the SL portion of the race series I was determined to have a race that included 2 solid runs of SL. In training I have found a new level of speed but in my first race series at copper, I found myself making mistakes and not finishing 2 good runs. On day 1, I focused on skiing clean and solid and had a good result. With that confidence and a strong solid finish behind me I went into day 2 confident and ready to charge. Crossing the finish line on my second run of that second rage was a great feeling. I had charged hard and was leading the race.

Winning a race where you had skied your best is always the best feeling. Earning my first NorAm win of the 19-20 series felt great. Getting to stand on the podium with my DU teammates was the best ever. Not only had I won but the University of Denver had swept the podium with Amelia Smart in 2nd and Andrea Komsic in 3rd.

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