Birthday in VT

It is hard to believe that this will be my third time at Killington. Every chance I get to start a world cup is another chance to test my skills against the best skiers in the World.

For me a key goal is to improve my skiing to the point where I earn a starting spot in every world cup. To do that I spend my winters balancing a schedule that has me competing in continental cups (NorAm and Europa cup).

The opportunity to represent my country on the world cup is one of the things I am most proud of. Being able to ski on home soil where the fans are so supportive is a dream come true.

It also happened to line up that Sundays SL race would also be my birthday. Celebrating my 20th skiing a world cup. There is no place I would rather be.

This year the Sunday SL on Super Star lived up to its name as the “Beast of the East.” The weather turned the slope into literally a sheet of ice that announcer Doug Lewis admitted he was glad he was announcing instead of racing. For me, the conditions didn’t phase me, I’m used to skiing on slick slopes and was confident at the start.

The top section for me felt really good and my splits had me competitive in being able to make the top 30 and earn my first second run. But a mistake going on the the pitch cost me and I got late where it’s just not a good idea. Add in the icy conditions and I just wasn’t able to stay in the course.

The Killington crowd however responded with cheers and encoouragement. I always enjoy making the walk from the finish area to the Skiers lodge because it reminds me that people came to watch and younger racers there are all dreaming of a day when they will get to make that same walk. I really make the most of this time, talk to the spectators and sign every autograph I get asked for.

Thanks Killington for making my birthday special and for the opportunity to gain valuable experience skiing in a world cup race.

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