Kickin’ it at Keelys Ski Camp for Girls

This past week, I headed to Mt.  Hood for Keelys Ski Camp for Girls.  Keelys camp is an all girls camp for girl ski racers 10-16.  The weeklong camp is one I look forward to all year long.  This year, Keely asked me if I would post one of the camps daily blogs.  You can see it here on her site.  I have copied it on my blog as well so you can see what girls at ski camp do. 🙂



There is no better place to spend the summer then at Keely’s Camp at Mt. Hood!  My name is Katie Hensien and this is my 3rd year attending camp (Thanks Coach Libby for encouraging me to go that first year! J).   I am 13, from Redmond, WA and I have been ski racing for 7 years with CMAC(Crystal Mountain Alpine Club).

Today was the second day of camp. It was fun, entertaining, and a wonderful day in the sun. Today was a blast being able to work out/warm up in the morning to get ready for the ski day. Today was the second day of SL. My group called “The Group” had Keely for our coach.  We were working on are techniques and line on the courses.

When we came off the hill and arrived at the Mt. Hood academy (where we are staying) there was a healthy and delicious lunch waiting for us in the kitchen that Keely’s mom (the cook) made for us. She is one of my favorite parts about Keely’s camp because after a long day of skiing nothing is better than good food.

After lunch we watched video and wrote in our ski journals. Keely’s favorite thing to say on the hill is BOOM CARVE! We love boom carving.

We got done with video and headed to dryland. At dryland we usually play games, go on hike and go swimming in a lake or river. Today we played a game called Swedish Ball that coach Jess showed us. It’s pretty much all for one dodgeball, but in the end you have to end up using your teammates to help you win. I took the win! Jess and I had a sudden death showdown.

When we were done with the last round we went swimming in the river. Today was a fun day at camp. I met new people and I enjoyed some good memories with past friends from my first camp. This camp brings girls from around the country that you have the chance to bond with for seven days. It inspires me as a skier, but also as a roll model and a friend.


Learning to play Swedish ball–

Why I love Keely’s Camp  :

1.       Meeting girls and making friends from all over the US.  Zoe “Zipper” Livran from Vail, CO and I met 3 years ago and have became great friends.  It’s great to get together with her when I go to Vail in the fall for camp, Instagram and snapchat her to keep in touch, and hang out with her during Keely’s camp in the summer.  I know I will be friends and will be racing with all these girls for years to come.

2.       Getting coached by and watching some of the best girl ski racers on the planet.  It’s great to be able to talk to someone and watch someone who loves to ski as much as I do.  The coaches don’t just tell us how to do something they get out there and do it with us!

3.        Keely’s Moms Cooking.  Most times when you go to camp you just have to make due with the food.  Here, the food is one of the best parts.  Especially, Keely’s Moms Mac N Cheese.  Moms out there – here is her recipe……. <<GET THE RECIPE (just kidding it’s a secret!)>>>>

That’s it for today.  Hope you get inspired to join me at Keely’s ski camp for girls next year


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