Sweet Times @ the Sugar Showdown 2013

READY?!  3-2-1 Go…


The Sugar Showdown is an all girls event that took place July 5-7 at Duthie Hill in Washington.  What happens during Sugar Showdown is that the first day you get to ride with some amazing pro riders that give you a lesson.  Then the second day there is a competition.  It’s an all girls comp with different categories for the riders of all skill levels.   The Sugar Showdown was created by Kat Sweet.  She had the idea that if you could bring together a group of girls – they would encourage and support each other and improve their skills.   The 2013 Sugar Showdown became a series that took place at Duthie Hill, the Lumberyard in Portland and Santa Cruz,  California.

Rooster BoosterKat Sweet is an amazing rider but also an amazing friend to have.  She got me into riding when I went to one of her dirt camps in the summer time at Duthie Hill.  I love riding with her and totally trust her when she tells me I am ready to try something new.  I like it when she tows me in and how she celebrates with me when I conquer something new.  Right now she is helping me with no footers.

YeehawThis is my second year competing at the Sugar Showdown.  Last year I competed in the amateur women’s comp and won that category.  This year on the first day of camp I decided after talking with my coach and Kat that I would bump up and give pros a try.  We ran the pro comp on Semper Dirticus (“Always Dirty” :)).    It is a great flowy jump line.  I love to trick out the Rooster Booster!

Here is some great coverage with links to video on Pinkbike.com – http://m.pinkbike.com/u/jasperwesselman/blog/Sugar-Showdown-Seattle-2013-Presented-By-Diamondback.html

One thing most people don’t know is that right before the competition started, I was running my last practice run when in between 2 gap jumps I landed and my derailer broke into 2 pieces and mangled my chain.  Luckily, a couple of the guys came to my rescue and using the parts off of their bikes made mine ride-able again.  I rode the Pro Comp without the ability to shift gears.   The competition was fierce but fun.  I ended up second overall – I was really excited because I look up to all of the pro women and still have so much to learn from them.

girl posse

Riding is best when you get to do it with friends.  I love riding with Heather and Kaitlyn.  We are a girl posse and love to ride fast!  Here we are at the event enjoying a quick break together.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about the Sugar Showdown.  You should join us next year!

To get started….   Try a Women’s Class  –  www.sweetlines.com – or Try a Youth Camp  http://www.cbcef.org/youth-bike-camps.html

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