Downhill with Jill

A great way to spend the weekend!
A great way to spend the weekend!

Jill Kintner is one of the best mountain bike riders in the world.  So, when I learned that she was back  home from racing on the World Cup circuit and was working with Steven Pass Bike park on some downhill clinics, I asked my parents right away if I could go.  They said yes and I got to spend one of the best weekends this summer so far with Jill.

Jill is big on the little things. Especially, bike setup. She took the time to really walk through my entire bike with me and the adjustments she helped me make have made a huge difference!

The camp was a girls only camp which is great.  We were all eager and excited to learn more about how to ride.  I went to camp with a good friend Kaitlin.  We both are getting started in DH racing and it’s fun to ride with your friends.

Jill broke down the basics and walked us up the course.  I learned so much about how to approach a more technical section on a run and also a lot about how to see and pick the fastest line.

We rode hard that first day and by the time we got in the shuttle vans to take us to Leavenworth and our hotel we were exhausted!  We had just enough time to get back and take showers before we headed to dinner.  Jill and her assistant Kat Sweet then reviewed our day with us and it was time to get to bed.  Another full day of riding ahead.  The second day of camp I was more confident and familiar with Stevens and really had fun trying to chase Jill down the trail.

When my parents came and picked me up – I was tired but satisfied.

Mom and Dad – Jill has another camp scheduled in September – Can I go???? 🙂

Thanks Jill!

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