Down Unda!

Summer simply cannot end without a trip to the land of the Kiwis.

This year my trip to New Zealand while full of familiar sights was packed with firsts.  My first international trip with my new teammates and coaches.   My first month long block of focusing on skills development and my first trip to Cornet.  Having returned just days ago its incredible to realize just how much I learned and progressed during my trip.  Here is a quick video I put together to show just how much fun it is to get the chance to ski down unda!


For those who have made the approach into Auckland you know what that first glimpse of the island does….  It makes my stomach turn, my spirits rise and suddenly I am invigorated and can’t wait to get on snow.  Looking forward to this view each trip makes the 20+ hours of travel time worth it! I never get tired of the views, whether it is driving to the hill, taking a hike or simply watching the sunset after a great day of training.


As I mentioned this trip was full of firsts.  And it was perhaps most memorable to get to know the members of my team and to really spend quality time working with my coaches.  I learned so much about each one of them. Including how my head coach, Kris Shampney, “loves” to fish.  I also really enjoyed getting to spend time getting to know camp invitee Forest Peterson. I learned so much from you, had a great time powder skiing with you,  and can’t believe what an incredible cook you are!  I hope our paths cross at some races this season.


It’s my third year now making the end of summer pilgrimage to the island of the long white cloud and some of the familiar sites and activities I now am already looking forward too next year include…..  The incredible burgers at Fergburger, the never ending tbars, and getting the chance to watch the Kiwis take down the Aussies in rugby.



Thank you New Zealand for the sights, activities and for helping me progress my skiing to a whole new level. Until next year Down Unda!



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